FAARM is the artist group made by Francesca Amato Arragon + Ruggero Mantovani.

FAA: Francesca Amato Arragon (16/10/1980, Verona): visual artist based in Italy. She loves: ocean / sculpture / writing / stones / dance / old stuff. She goes in Morocco since 100.000 years ago.

RM: Ruggero Mantovani (15/11/1977, Verona): Videomaker based in Italy. He loves: plants/ questions and nuts.He’s grateful to the music, that suddenly started.

Francesca Amato Arragon and Ruggero Mantovani are still making the Moroccan Diaries project, a multimedia archive regarding a specific region of Morocco in a period of time: a collection of people, texts, pictures, experiences and videos made during ten years, now leading to the making of N1, a raw endless documentary and their first film.


N1, Docu-film from the archive Moroccan Diaries, 2008-2018 (Morocco)

STUDIO BALENO Creation an artistic space with school, 2016, (Verona, Italy)

IN CASE OF LOSS Videos for Silvia Del Grosso at Assab One Art Gallery. Curated by S.Nano and A.Piolotto, 2015, (Milano, Italy)

ERBAMATTA land art exhibition. Curated by F.Compri and S.Zanoni, 2012 (Val Tramigna, Italy)

VENICE ART BIENNALE, Lo stato dell’Arte/L’Arte non è Cosa Nostra. Curated by V.Sgarbi, 2011 (Venezia, Italy)

THE OTHERS Collective exhibition with KN Studio Art Gallery, 2011(Torino, Italy)

ARTISSIMA Collective exhibition with Video.Med/Video.it, 2011 (Torino, Italy)

NATURE et PAYSAGE Collective expo at Espace d’Art Société Generale. Curated by Mohamed Rachdi, 2010 (Casablanca, Morocco).

VIDEO.MED 2010/Video.it at Fondazione Merz, collective exhibition, 2010 (Torino, Italy) and Fabbrica del Vapore, (Milano, Italy)

ECO ART 09 Collective exhibition and archive. Curated by G. Marziani, 2009 (Roma, Italy)

ECHOES OF ECHO, Winter Art Festival, collective exhibition. Curated by Antonio Geusa, 2009 (Sochi, Russia)

CITY PULSE PROJECT, collective exhibition. Curated by George Lever, 2009 (Santiago, Chile)

MOROCCAN DIARIES, Videos and photoes archive start, 2008 (Morocco)