Francesca and Ruggero, two artists, make a journey to the region of the Souss Massa Draa, Morocco. 10 days of their journey will be filled by people, landscapes, feelings, and visions of past and future travels. N1 is an independent film made entirely with small cameras and is part of Moroccan Diaries, an open archive started in 2008 and still in progress.

Those who travel on the N1 road meet people, stones, landscapes, waves and the sound of the wind. Returning on the same road, year after year, everything changes and the bonds that travelers hold are strengthened and grow. This film is a true travel diary started in 2008; an emotional and sensorial analysis of places that become the main characters; a craft work, realized with small cameras, collective and spontaneous, from which the Moroccan Diaries archive was born. A diary still in progress, an endless film, because the national road N1 is still changing.