Moroccan Diaries is an archive started in 2008. Videos, images, stories, sounds, make up a collection of experiences, gathered in a serie of journeys, year after year. It is a creative and emotional archive that focuses particularly on an itinerary in the Souss Massa Draa region, along the Route National N1. Unusual or touristic places, situations and symbolic people, nature and its relationship with the human being are the subjects of this collection.
After the first 10 years, the film “N1” (2008-2018) was made from this archive. The second film is in production: the authors Francesca Amato Arragon and Ruggero Mantovani will work for the next ten years on the Route National N1. If you want to collaborate on the next film or be part of our archive, write to us.
The archive is held by Francesca Amato Arragon and Ruggero Mantovani and is located in Verona at Studio Baleno: it can be visited by appointment by writing at
N1 – Notes for a film” is a book created from the archive – available under request.
“Moroccan Diaries – Notes for a film” is a collection of video diaries made before N1